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Group Stop Smoking Sessions

You walk out a NON-Smoker. Believe it or not… IT WORKS!! 

You can become a nonsmoker in just one session. This program takes away the need, urge and desire to smoke. It focuses ONLY on the positive.   Instead of quitting, or stopping, you’ll focus on becoming a non-smoker and the new, healthy life ahead of you.

You will not go to sleep or lose control. YOU will be aware at all times.  Hypnosis leaves you feeling completely relaxed, refreshed and alert!

IMAGINE…. NO CRAVINGS first thing in the morning … WITH COFFEE … ON THE PHONE … driving your car … AROUND PEOPLE WHO SMOKE … stressed or uptight … WHEN HAVING A DRINK … and over 40 other situations.

In fact, you won’t even think about smoking. If you are like most people who attend this program, smoking will be gone … out of your life and in your past where it belongs.

I have the experience and the expertise and when we work together on this issue you’ll become a non-smoker for the rest of your life.  I know from experience how powerful smoking is, I was once a smoker myself. 

How many sessions will it take?

Stop Smoking is always just one session! You’ll be saving money over private sessions and the best part is that results are experienced immediately! Stop Smoking Group Sessions are a perfect choice to help develop new behaviors that create a positive healthy lifestyle .

About Your Session
Each session is divided into 2 parts — in the 1st half we talk about smoking, and everything to do with smoking — where you smoke, why you smoke, why you want to stop etc etc. From this talk you will have a better understanding why you have been struggling so much and you will have other ways to deal with your cravings and triggers on a conscious level. We will turn everything you thought you knew about nicotine and tobacco upside down. We talk about it all!

The 2nd part is Hypnosis.  In your hypnosis session you will be guided into a very deep state of physical and mental relaxation.  You will feel very relaxed, yet remain extremely alert mentally.  You will be aware of everything going on around you.  Suggestions for the change you desire will then be given to your powerful subconscious mind.  These suggestions will enter your subconscious and become a part of you.  The old programming, which was keeping you from achieving your goals or which was causing a problem is removed, allowing you to accomplish goals and eliminate blocks.  You will become a non-smoker forever.
You will then emerge from Hypnosis with strong suggestions of good health and a positive attitude.  You will feel better than you have for a very long time,and smoking will be in your past.